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The voice of working people should not be silenced by the pandemic – Da Bindu Collective

The Da Bindu Collective strongly condemn the government’s move to stop May Day celebrations under the cloud of the Covid-19 epidemic, which are rallying to make sense of working people winning their rights.

Although measures should be taken at this juncture to prevent the spread of the epidemic and save the people of the country from danger, the failure to take appropriate action at the real time and disobeying the instructions given by the health sector has led to a serious situation. What has been done is a violation of the rights of all working people, while the government authorities have to take responsibility for it.

In the past two years, too, the authorities have been using the pretext of the Easter terror attack and the Covid pandemic to stop May Day celebrations.

The Dabindu Collective emphasizes that workers in free trade zones have been the hardest hit by the Covid epidemic. During the first and second waves of the epidemic, many workers were quarantined and some factories closed. As a result, wages and benefits were slashed, and Man Power workers are still suffering.

Immunization to protect the entire working population from the pandemic has not yet been completed.

According to Central Bank reports, while companies make profits even during job cuts, that the governments, failure to protect employers should condemn.

In such a context, emphasizing the need to promote health care facilities in the work environment, the Da Bindu Collective urges the authorities to ensure the independence of trade unionism, social security, job security as well as opportunities to enjoy service benefits.

සිංහලෙන් කියවීමට සබැඳිය මෙහි ක්ලික් කරන්න

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