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Roshen Chanaka – Memories of a ferocious slaughter after 10 years

Had been elapsed 10 years after killing Roshen Chanka who urged workers’ rights and freedom. Roshen’s mother saying that, while after 10 years, the Commemoration of her child will have happened in a background without justice.  

21 years old Roshen Chanaka who is a worker of FTZ murdered by police gunshot on 30th May 2011. The despoilment of his life was happened on the attack by the government, targeted unarmed protest of innocent FTZ workers.

Da Bindu Collective and the coalition of FTZ will be gathering to celebrate his 10 years commemoration.  The commemoration will be held on the 01st of June at Katunayake with the honorary participation of Roshen’s mother.  

In an online discussion, the coalition of FTZ pointed out that Roshen is an unsung hero of the working people of FTZ. Not only was the non-compliance of the justice for his murder also a struggle to get the report of the Mahanama Tilakarathne commissions which is examined the case. Finally used the RTI act to get the report.

සිංහලෙන් කියවීමට ඡායාරූපය මත ක්ලික් කරන්න

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