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New year Wishes to work people – Da Bindu Collective

The Da Bindu Collective wishes a Happy New Year to all working people, including workers in free trade zones.

According to tradition, Sri Lankan People celebrate the dawn of the New Year in April every year, this year against the backdrop of people suffering from the Covid 19 disaster. The Da Bindu Collective points out that the most affected are those with fewer privileges groups who are working in and outside of free trade zones.

Thousands of women and men, especially those working in garment factories, have been deprived of their trade union rights. Under the guise of the Covid epidemic, regulators have called for no increase or cuts in workers’ wages.

Workers hadn’t receive bonuses or festival advances as in other years. The Da Bindu Collective points out that While the Central Bank reports confirm that garment – related income and profits have increased in the country, those benefits are not being passed on to employees.

According to the Clean Clothes Campaign, Covid 19 has slashed the benefits of garment workers by 40 percent under the guise of disaster. Two Sri Lankan apparel industries have applied for a Rs. 50 billion loan from I International Financial Corporation. As a result, state authorities are trying to cover up the investigation reports on the malpractices of the relevant industries.

The Da Bindu Collective says it had to contact lenders to these companies through the Common Wage Movement for Asia. The Da Bindu Collective called for the provision of facilities, especially for the majority of working women, and for their involvement in ensuring trade union freedom.

Workers have also fought to get their pay raises and leave issues, as well as to join unions, but many have been laid off. Joining a union is a fundamental right of workers, but factory managers have ignored that right. The Da bindu Collective also points out that austerity measures will not bring a happy new year for workers while factories earning high profits as reported by the Central Bank.

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