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Justice must be done to Ansel Lanka trade union leaders – Da Bindu Collective

The Da Bindu Collective emphasized that Ansell Lanka trade union leaders who were fired for speaking out for trade union rights should be re-employed.
Participating in a joint trade union rally held in front of Ansell Lanka in Biyagama on March 31, the Da Bindu Collective said that this trade union struggle should end in victory. Speaking on behalf of the Da Bindu Collective, Chamila Thushari said that all employees of Ansell Lanka and the Free Trade Zone who lost their jobs due to trade union rights should be compensated.

“Under the guise of Covid 19, even meager wages are being slashed. No bonuses are being given. Work shifts have been extended. Workplaces are insecure. Voices are being fired. This is a common problem. Therefore, everyone should support Ansell Lanka.” She mentioned.

Ansel Lanka is currently cracking down on trade unions and hopes to form an international coalition against it. There, workers from Australia, Malaysia and other countries will support it. Chamila added that factory controllers should work to prevent discrimination based on gender and create a safe and secure environment for Covid 19.

සිංහල භාෂාවෙන් කියවන්න. සබැඳිය


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