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A new face to the Da Bindu Collective, new energy as a trade union

As a result of 37 years of relentless struggle for workers’ rights, the Da Bindu Collective has become a trade union.

The Da Bindu Collective, which advocated for the trade union rights, human rights, and democratic social interests of workers in Katunayake and other free trade zones of the country, has played an important role in the field of trade union struggle for nearly four decades. The Da Bindu Collective, which played a significant role in the wage struggles of free trade zone workers, even took the lead in prosecuting workers such as Roshen Chanaka when they were killed and harassed.  

Da Bindu’s contribution to the updated discussions on labor rights with the Department of Labor locally was significant, and in collaboration with the International Labor Organization and a number of other organizations internationally, it provided an opportunity for the international community to raise awareness of the loss of Sri Lankan workers’ rights.

Over the past decade, the Da Bindu Collective has been a significant milestone in its journey to build relationships with garment workers in the war-torn North and East. It is significant that women workers, especially in the North and South of Sri Lanka, have come forward to stand up for them despite their marginalized and marginalized status.

None of the trade unions dedicated to women in the National Labor Advisory Council had been given representation in the country in the recent past. In such a background, the Da Bindu Collective considers it a great opportunity to register as a trade union in this manner. It also fills the void left by the lack of a strong trade union to organize women properly.

During the current Covid 19 epidemic, many garment workers, including women workers, were severely persecuted professionally and the Da Bindu Collective was able to carry out a massive mission, including providing relief to them. Now registered as a trade union, it has the opportunity to engage in a more vigorous struggle in such oppressive situations.

සිංහලෙන් කියවන්න මේ සබැඳිය ක්ලික් කරන්න

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