Dabindu Collective

It is an all–women group that come together in September 1984 for a cause ‘’ Dabindu ‘’ means drops of sweat, which symbolize hard work or labour. The small group of women who from the‘’ Dabindu collective ‘’ work tire to end the exploitation of labour, especially that of young women workers in the free trade zones through, empowerment of women.

Dabindu Collective - Registered No. G.A 659


To build a society in which the rights and the dignity of women workers is recognized and safeguarded


To organize and empower women workers to create an environment, which will help them, win and safeguard their rights, acquire the respect of society and facilitate their participation in development processes

To help women workers win their rights
  • To work towards changing social attitudes that are discriminatory and unjust towards women
  • To organize women workers so that they can achieve equality
  • To build women’s leadership skills
  • To build public awareness on policies and laws that are detrimental to women workers and influence the government to bring about changes in policy and legal reform
  • To facilitate the creative skills of workers and provide them with a forum for self-expression
  • To assist workers improve their health and nutritional status provide them will skill enhancing opportunities so that they can achieve economic independence
  • To work towards peace, democracy and sustainable development
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