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Programmatic Focus Areas

Workers’ rights and dignified labour

Dabindu's primary focus is safeguarding and enhancing workers' rights. Within this focus, the organization will intensify efforts across various areas, including: collectivization, strengthened leadership of workers, establishing a living wage, extended working hours and overtime pay, safe and dignified working conditions, provision of facilities in the workplace, EPF/ETF issues, challenges faced by informal workers, legal issues and labour tribunal representation, public perceptions of workers and social stigma.

Dabindu Collective Union

Dabindu Collective's significant achievement is the establishment of the DCU, with upcoming priorities centered on strengthening the Union, empowering its leadership, and securing its recognition as a representative body in labor discussions.

Gender and women’s rights

Emphasizes projects and partnerships dedicated to safeguarding and advancing the rights of women and sexual and gender minorities, covering aspects like reproductive health, preventing harassment, addressing violence, supporting political participation, recognizing unpaid care work, and providing safe housing and daycare for women workers.

International and regional standard setting

Focus on expanding outreach and partnerships with global workers' rights organizations, fostering cross-border solidarity, and participating in regional and international campaigns concerning topics like living wage, working conditions, ILO C190, freedom of association, and more.

Crisis response

This focus area initiated as a response to Covid. Currently incorporates crisis response to proactively address workers' immediate needs, including ongoing pandemic impacts, economic challenges, factory closures, export sector contractions, unemployment, and labor issues.

Institutional Strengthening

This focus area will look at organizational growth and institutional strengthening and sustainability. Dabindu will establish a strong team to implement the strategic plan, enable opportunities for the team to strengthen their capacities, secure long term funding, expand its donor base and strengthen the sustainability and resiliency of the organisation.


This strategic plan places a strong focus on communications as a cross-cutting strategy and area of work which needs to be developed. An effective communications strategy, together with detailed work plans will be developed to increase DC’s ability to communicate their work to a wider audience, bring in small donors and funding opportunities, and improve the efficacy of their advocacy.
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